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Saguaro, Mexico's most important natural gas project

Published 16.4.2024

Techint Engineering & Construction is involved in the early works of the temporary facilities for what will be the LNG Production Terminal in Puerto Libertad.


In December 2023, Mexico Pacific awarded Techint Engineering & Construction the contract to carry out earthworks, dismantling, clearing, compaction, and related activities for the temporary facilities of the Saguaro Energy project. It involves a terminal for the transportation, reception, liquefaction, and export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is considered one of the largest privately initiated energy works in Mexico in recent years.

Activities related to the temporary facilities include basic external signage, area fencing, installation of primary services, such as diesel-generated power, and medical services, among others.

The works are being carried out within the client's facilities in the town of Puerto Libertad, in the municipality of Pitiquito, Sonora, and are estimated to last for six months.

It is being performed under a contractual mechanism called TSA (Technical Services Agreement), which consists of work orders on a monthly basis. This is why the mobilization of the committed resources for the first phase began in January.

In February, the second work order of the project was authorized, encompassing site preparation activities, for which construction machinery and operational staff are subcontracted, along with 100% of the services associated with these activities. A team from Techint E&C is supervising the progress of the works, supported by colleagues from the Mexico City and Houston, United States offices.

The project will become the most important facility for the export of LNG on the west coast of North America, with a capacity to process 15 million tons per year, and will give Mexico the potential to become the fourth-largest exporter of this product globally.

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