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Skipping between the court and the office

Published 2.4.2024

Federico Beniaminovich is a member of the Human Resources team at Techint Engineering & Construction. As well as sharing a strong vocation for his job, he’s passionate about tennis. 


Hobbies, sports, and developing skills are really important for people in their lives, and many of those working at Techint Engineering & Construction have activities outside work that they’re really passionate about. This is the case with Federico Beniaminovich who plays tennis, which brings him great satisfaction and is also a source of life lessons.

Fede, a born tennis player, is 25 years old and joined Techint E&C in September 2021, to work with the Training and Development, Staffing and International Assignments team. He’s currently working in the Employment Area, where he’s managing the entry process for young professionals.

However, outside the office, he’s passionate about tennis. “Sports have always been very important for me, and I’ve been playing and enjoying tennis ever since I was a kid. Obviously, I never neglected my studies, but I also never stopped practicing,” he comments.

Learning values

Fede believes that the priority is about balancing his daily routine between his sporting passion and his professional career, both pillars of his personal well-being. “Tennis is a life lesson. On the court, you learn the values of responsibility, competition, perseverance and teamwork. And these are replicated in daily life as well as in the workplace arena. In addition, this sport offers you professional opportunities, as thanks to the tennis tournaments I’ve played, I’ve ended up meeting colleagues from other companies and strengthened my network of contacts,” he says with conviction.

But that’s not all. According to Fede, sports teaches you about other things like being competitive and the spirit of effort. “For me, it’s about never giving up and hanging in there until you get it right. This attitude spills over into my work-life, especially when I have to deal with challenges like talent searches. It’s what drives me to continue until I find exactly the right person,” he explains.

For Techint E&C the overriding priority is ensuring its employees develop in a rounded way. Federico's story is a clear example of the importance of pursuing the activities that make you stronger as a person, and managing the challenge of striking a balance between personal and work life.

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