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Techint E&C was present at ACADES 2024

Published 7.5.2024

The company sponsored the first edition of the congress which brought together leading experts and specialists in the search for water sources in Chile. Martín Scalabrini Ortiz, Technical Commercial Sr. Manager, participated in one of the panels.


On March 20 and 21, in the city of Santiago, the first Congress on “New Water Sources for Chile” took place, organized by the Chilean Desalination and Reuse Association (ACADES), an institution of which Techint Engineering & Construction has been a member since 2022. Company representatives participated in the activity.

The event was attended by more than 400 industry professionals who participated in the various discussion panels and activities related to water use and the main water adaptation challenges in the country.

Some of the topics discussed during the congress included Climate Change and Water Security, Environment and Communities, Public Policies and Regulatory Framework, and Innovation and New Technologies.

Martín Scalabrini Ortiz, Technical Commercial Sr. Manager of Techint E&C, participated in the panel “Efficient Water Transport Models” together with representatives of Ausenco, Bonatti and SMI-ICE Chile. There, he presented the main difficulties of the SADDN project, especially in terms of optimizing design and permission management, as well as delving into the general technical challenges of the projects that the company carries out in the country, in matters of water pumping and the geographical ones presented by the environments.

“It was a great opportunity to show what we do and how we do it. The works we develop are always challenging and it is interesting to reflect on them and on the way in which we solve the challenges that arise, both from engineering and execution,” said Scalabrini Ortiz.

For his part, James Burns, Business Development Manager and Energy Transition Business Development Manager, stressed the importance of participating in this Congress: “For us it is strategic to be part of ACADES as it represents the guild of seawater desalination in Chile. It is important that the Chilean market recognizes our company as an active member of this association and as a key player in the water industry. Being present at this congress and exposing our technical capabilities and experiences allows us to position our company in a sector that is at the center of the commercial agenda.”

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