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The Techint Offshore Unit features at an event hosted by the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum and Gas

Published 6.5.2024

Thiago de Oliveira from the company’s Commercial area gave a presentation about advantages of the shipyard in Pontal do Paraná where the P-76 platform was built, from 2014 to 2018.


April 18 was a flagship date for the Brazilian naval industry, marking the launch of the Brazilian Shipyard Map, an event organized by the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum and Gas (Instituto Brasileiro de Petróleo e Gás - IBP) in Rio de Janeiro. Techint Engineering & Construction was one of the companies invited to present a case study, and it highlighted the features and achievements of the Techint Offshore Unit (TOU). The authorities present at the event included Jean-Paul Prates, current President of Petrobras, and Roberto Ardenghy, President of IBP, as well as key industry players such as Andrade Gutierrez, EBR/Toyo-Setal, Tenenge, Enseada, Seatrium, Mac Laren, and Açu, among others.

The event was held to launch the new Brazilian Shipyard Map, an initiative forming part of the nationwide move to more closely integrate the oil, gas, energy and naval sectors that will provide the market with comprehensive, updated information on shipyard infrastructure and related projects around the country in an accessible way. For more details, access the Shipyard Map, which will shortly be updated with information from the TOU.

Representing Techint E&C were Thiago de Oliveira, Business Development Director, and Luciana Fabri, Business Development Manager, from the Commercial team. “Our contribution was fundamental, as we have our own Offshore Unit available and suitable to build and assemble modules for FPSOs, as we did with the P-76 project,” explained De Oliveira.

Inaugurated in the 1980s, in the municipality of Pontal do Paraná, in the State of Paraná, the Techint Offshore Unit (TOU) was equipped and set up with the strategic mission to serve the offshore market by providing specialist construction, assembly and commissioning services for equipment, modules and jackets. In 2012, the Unit received investments upwards of BRL 300 million to fund an extensive renovation and overhaul scheme, expanding its capacity and size to enable it to specialize in producing and assembling Floating Production and Storage Offloading units (FPSOs).


The TOU in numbers

- 215,000 m² of purposed area

- 300 m long: the Maritime Terminal Wharf includes Load-In and Load-Out piers, as well as a Support Pier and Shipping Pier

- 9 m draft at the pier

- 14 km from the Port of Paranaguá


Projects executed at the TOU


In 1985, construction of the Vermelho 3 jacket for the Petrobras oil platform.


In 1988, a number of modules were built for the platform.


In 2004, a jacket was built and assembled for Petrobras, completed in 2006.


Completed in 2018, P-76 was one of the largest offshore projects ever assembled in Brazil, today a platform producing 150,000 barrels of oil and 7 million cubic meters of gas per day.

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