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Techint E&C: Over 75 years transforming reality

Published 21.4.2021

The company came into being in 1945 in Italy and launched its Argentine operations in 1946. Since then, it has carried out over 3,300 projects all around the world. “With each project we are transforming reality, driving economic development and improving the quality of life of both societies and individuals,” says Carlos Bacher, CEO of Techint E&C.

Initially, Techint provided advice to local entrepreneurs, until it had the chance to carry out its first major project, which came along in 1947. This was the construction of the Comodoro Rivadavia—Buenos Aires Gas Pipeline, which runs through 1,800 km of arid, hostile and remote territory, besieged by snow, gale-force winds, and bitterly low temperatures. This was followed by a series of other ventures in the country as the years went by, all sharing a common trait: the company’s ability and passion to tackle the most complex challenges at a logistical, technical, and human level.

Techint grew by carrying out the engineering and construction of plants, bridges, power plants, and factories that drove Argentina’s industrial development, building and laying the pipelines consolidating the country’s energy integration. In parallel, the company began to expand across the continent and around the world: Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria, among other countries.

2003 · The Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline in Ecuador.

ver these 75 years, the company has completed more than 3,300 works around the world. Here is a quick overview of some of the highlights of each decade.

1960 The Rio de Janeiro-Belo Horizonte pipeline, the gas liquefaction center in Marsa El Brega (Libya), and the Thessaloniki Chemical Complex in Greece.

1977 · The Zárate-Brazo Largo bridge in Argentina.

1970 The construction of the Zárate-Brazo Largo bridge was a key milestone for the region, strengthening ties between Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Other major achievements were the SUMED pipeline in Egypt and the electric steelworks in Matanzas, Venezuela.


1980 The company built continuous rolling mills producing seamless steel pipe in Veracruz, Mexico, and in Campana, Argentina; the Duque de Caixas—Rio de Janeiro gas pipeline in Brazil, and the Brasimone and Montalto Di Castro nuclear plants in Italy.


1990 Venturing further east, the company laid a 650 km multi-pipeline in Nigeria, built the Yanbu-Madinah water transmission system in Saudi Arabia, and erected a range of refineries and processing plants throughout Latin America as well as laying 2,000 km of pipelines in Colombia.

Siderca Mill · The first tube manufactured in LACO2 was rolled on the night of August 30, 1988.

2000 Techint was involved simultaneously in the construction of two of the largest pipelines in the world: the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline in Ecuador, and the Camisea Gas and LNG Pipeline in Peru.

2010 The company took part in the construction of the LNG Gate Terminal in the Netherlands, the Scandale thermoelectric plant in Italy and the Damietta project in Egypt, one of the world’s largest methanol producing plants.

2004 · The Camisea Gas and LNG Pipeline in Peru.

"All this sprang from Agustin Rocca’s innate passion for doing, a vibrant quality that he faithfully transmitted to all those working with him: his passion for making things happen, for conceiving and building lasting and productive works, to the betterment of mankind’s material life," recalled his son, Roberto Rocca.

“With each project we are transforming reality, driving economic development and improving the quality of life of both societies and individuals. This continues to be our foremost commitment today. We leave a part of us behind at each project we complete, and this is something of which we are very proud,” says Carlos Bacher, the CEO of Techint E&C

Agustín Rocca · and his son Roberto.


6 Engineering Centers around the world.

+3,300 projects completed around the world.

+14.000 MW installed at Combined Cycle Power Plants.

+550 pipelines installed.

+900.000 tons of equipment installed.

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