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Sensors to transform the way we dig

Published 25.8.2022

Including proximity sensors and cameras as an integral part of heavy construction equipment is already transforming the list of technical specifications for our equipment suppliers.

Safety is one of the top issues in the construction industry, particularly when it comes to ‘person-machine’ interaction, meaning when workers are in direct contact with equipment as they go about their tasks. Techint E&C is constantly introducing new technologies to safeguard the integrity of its employees, materials and facilities. That´s the reason why added an additional barrier to the procedures that already establish safe work guidelines for these tasks.

One of the company’s latest achievements has been the installation of cameras and motion sensors at the Los Bronces IV project, Chile, specifically on excavators and pipelayers. New excavators have also been purchased for the TTS project in Chile, which already come with special All Around Viewing Monitoring (AAVM) and Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) systems intended for the same purpose.

According to Carlos Capelli Etchevarne, Head of TEPAM’s Technical Offices which is the company’s Machine Yard, “the new equipment now has integrated motion sensor systems with 360° cameras. These systems can detect exclusion zones and alert the operator with a warning sound. This allows the operator to quickly grasp where there is an invasion of the restricted area and stop work at once. The system features a cockpit display where the operators can view the feed from the cameras on all four sides and also get a bird's-eye composite view."

Mario de Oro, TTS Project Manager adds that “diggers are one of the most common pieces of equipment in all works and also the one requiring the greatest care due to the nature of its operation. Traditionally, the operator’s restricted field of vision and the constant moves of the superstructure mean that they must always be alert and attentive during maneuvers to critical aspects such as the presence of workers or objects in the exclusion area.” Omar Campos, Corporate QHSE Auditor, concludes that "It’s clear that the continued development, testing and introduction of these technologies underscores Techint E&C's commitment to the safety of its workers and to preventive work in order to avoid the occurrence of safety events."

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