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Diversity Workshops at Techint Engineering & Construction

Published 15.2.2023

The Techint E&C policy on diversity and harassment-free workplace environments is the mainstay of its commitment to seeking a more inclusive world, one where everyone can enjoy equal rights and opportunities. In Argentina, the team has added a new practical initiative to support its workplace ethic by holding workshops in offices and at its projects.

For the corporate world, diversity objectives revolve around creating and raising awareness of the need for a more inclusive workplace, one free of prejudice, discrimination and harassment for all. Techint E&C has launched a series of workshops to offer practical tools aimed at fostering good coexistence at its Buenos Aires and Neuquén offices, as well as at the Steel Services area for the Ternium facility in San Nicolás, the Tenaris facility in Campana and the Machinery Park in Pacheco. It will also be rolling out similar sessions at the company’s projects in La Calera, Fortín de Piedra, and the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline. The initiative is being organized by Luján Nölter, the Coordinator of Diversity, Gender, Inclusion and Workplace Climate, from Community Relations in Argentina.

“The idea is to help people gain an understanding of their own unconscious biases. These are prejudices that underpin a particular view of the world, and are the basis for the unconscious discrimination of certain people because they think, look or act differently,” explains Luján.

Diversity Workshops · in Mercedes

“This type of training helps to educate us, it creates more empathy and teaches us a great deal about what behaviors and habits we should adopt to ensure constructive two-way communication. Training about diversity and gender is essential for all of us to grow, to develop an open mind and acquire the know-how needed to empathize with what is new and different.”

Gonzalo Varone, Supply Activator at the GPNK.

Diversity Workshops · in Carlos Casares

“The Transparency Hotline is great, as, if you’re in a situation of harassment, you can report it anonymously and get the support you need. It's good to know you will always be heard."

Gianna Fergotto, QHSE, GPNK.

Diversity Workshops · in Hortensia

“The training was really helpful for everyone, even in terms of a subject you can discuss at home. These issues need to be explained so that they can be taken into the field and put into practice.”

Jorge Castro, Special Crossings Supervisor

At a global level, the diversity workshops are part of a strategy also launched in the Northern and Andean Areas, an initiative that stems from Techint E&C's commitment to ensure the respect and equal treatment of all people, as expressed in its Diversity and Harassment-Free Environment Policy. Additionally, these workshops seek to publicize the company’s Transparency Hotline.

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