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Techint Engineering & Construction received the “Exceptional Companies” Award.

Published 23.2.2023

The company has been awarded the 2022 Exceptional Companies Award in Mexico from the Business Coordination Council and the Institute for the Promotion of Quality for its good practices. 

Techint E&C has been recognized for its efforts in achieving outstanding practices as part of its contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, creating social and economic value not only for its customers, employees and suppliers, but also among the communities where it operates. 

The Exceptional Companies Award is an initiative of the Mexcian Business Coordination Council (Consejo Coordinador Empresarial - CCE) and the Mexican Institute for the Promotion of Quality (Instituto para el Fomento de la Calidad - IFC), two organizations which promote, develop and create recognition for the social aspect of corporate enterprise in this country.  

This year, 104 companies and institutions from Mexico received awards for their contributions, which were grouped into five different categories: "promoting the development and quality of the life of employees;" "accelerating digitization," "strengthening suppliers," "promoting transparency," and "contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

In turn, the last category was split into two, rewarding "exceptional practices" and "good practices", and Techint E&C was singled out for the significant progress it had achieved through its actions to contribute to sustainable development, setting an example for other companies and institutions in the country.

The selection process

The winners are chosen by an Awards Council made up of representatives from the CCE, the IFC, the Mexican Business Council and the Communications Council, who undertake the process without knowing the identity of the participants. This ensures that the decision-making process to select the winners is both objective and transparent. 

The Exceptional Companies award was designed by the CCE and the IFC as a way of highlighting and acknowledging the successful efforts of companies and institutions, raising the bar for work in the areas of social responsibility, innovation and excellence in Mexico. Similarly, the idea is to disseminate both the work and the awards to inspire other organizations to follow suit. 

In addition, another of its objectives is to recognize the commitment, talent and creativity of the employees working at the award-winning companies and institutions, as it’s thanks to their efforts that the implementation of these good practices was ultimately possible.

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