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India: Celebrating Foundation Day and recognition

Published 7.8.2023

It was thirteen years ago when the doors of Techint Engineering & Construction’s offices in Mumbai, India, opened for the first time. Since then, the team has held a celebration every year to mark the event, and this year, special mention was made of the 70 employees celebrating their ten years in the company.


Every May 10, the Mumbai offices of Techint E&C are specially decked out to celebrate the anniversary of the start of their activities. Native dishes and traditional ceremonies are shared to strengthen ties and commemorate its foundation.

This year, a Pooja was held, a traditional religious celebration involving an offering made to receive protection and foster an atmosphere of positive energy. The event was directed by Sachin Pandir, the Senior Designer at the Electrical Department, and his wife.

On this occasion, special mention was made of the 70 employees who were celebrating their tenth anniversary with the company, as well as of the 14 notching up their first five years there.

Testimonies from some of the stars of this day

“I joined Techint E&C in March 2011. Today, as I celebrate over a decade with the company, I can safely say that this is a great place to work, thanks to the guidance and constant support of Meenakshi Mam, who is the Head of the Electrical Department and helped to make my journey an easy one. I also want to thank all my colleagues from the different departments who have supported me on this path.”

Ruby Kodolikar, Deputy Chief Engineer – Instrumentation.


“The recognition, appreciation and motivation of our leaders are key and infuse us with energy as employees. We thank management and the company for recognizing us as we complete our ten years of service. In these years, we have gone through many stages of learning, planning and execution that have shaped our ability to handle any situation.”

Dilipkumar Shukla, Deputy Manager – Administration & Finance.

“The founding day of Techint India is a really special date for us and celebrating it with a recognition for ten years of service makes it even more special. The workplace culture we enjoy here at the company ensures that we all feel extremely comfortable and happy, and that’s one of the most important aspects to consider. I raise a toast to many more happy, joyful, and wonderful years together!”

Anupam Gandhewar, Additional Chief Engineer – Instrumentation.

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