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10,000 hours to protect lives at Vaca Muerta

Published 24.2.2023

The number of preventive training hours hits a new milestone at the Añelo Training Center in Vaca Muerta.

The Añelo Training Center opened its doors in July 2022 in the province of Neuquén, Argentina, planned as intrinsic to the growth and development of those working at Techint Engineering & Construction’s projects in the Neuquén Basin. Today the center is proud to announce its milestone of 10,000 hours taught.

Although initially the focus was on training employees starting work at La Calera from the Company’s customer Pluspetrol, the scope was eventually extended to subcontractors (of which there are over 20 different firms) meaning that today, over 1,000 people have passed through its doors.

“It is important to leverage the projects we’re executing right from the start by using the preventive training approach. Training on time avoids deviations of all kinds," explained Juan Ignacio Potenza, Head of Quality, Health, Environment, and Safety (QHSE). He went on to stress that, "A clear example is our performance to-date at La Calera."

One of the keys to achieving this number of hours was the meticulous logistical coordination carried out between the projects and the Talent Recruitment Center, also located in Añelo. The courses are being given for leaders, middle managers and personnel included in the collective bargaining agreement, related QHSE, and the offer of courses has also been expanded to include everybody working on the projects.

Another pointer to the success of the Training Center has been the organization of the sessions on Microsoft Teams. Daniela Padin, Head of Training at the Center, commented that, “The idea is to expand our scope so that, in addition to face-to-face and online courses, we can also provide recorded and interactive courses. To make sure this happens as well as possible, we are analyzing some expert suppliers able to promote training alternatives in the region”.

10,000 hours of training homing in on zero deviation and skills development to strengthen the people making Techint E&C projects a reality.

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