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Techint E&C presented awards to staff for their commitment to quality, safety and care for the environment in Argentina

Published 7.2.2023

This is an incentive plan that the company is running in Fortín de Piedra in Neuquén. Over 80 awards were presented to personnel as a way of recognizing people’s commitment to Techint E&C’s management policy.

The Incentives Plan is a motivational initiative implemented by Techint Engineering & Construction at its project in Fortín de Piedra, a key tool in the company’s Management System. The main aim is to promote and reinforce proactive attitudes and prevent deviations, accidents or incidents.

"This plan encourages both individual and group responsibility, stimulating different leadership levels and promoting teamwork," pointed out Juan Ignacio Potenza, Head of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) at Techint E&C in the Neuquén Basin.

Within the framework of this contest, over 80 prizes were awarded to personnel working at Fortín de Piedra—such as caps, backpacks, electronic items, and thermal bottles, for instance—at a ceremony that was also designed to be an opportunity for reflection. The idea was to take advantage of the occasion and review the key concepts underlying people’s daily tasks in terms of Quality, Safety and Environmental Care. The proceedings covered topics such as the main causes of accidents, the importance of calibrating tools and instruments and having the right PPE in the workplace, the steps to take when handling hazardous waste and details of the safety elements required to work at height, etc.

Javier Santa Cruz, in charge of Quality, explained that "at QHSE we want to remind people that quality is about doing things right the first time, each time... and that respecting this is something for which we can be recognized as individuals and work teams as well as a company."

For Esteban García, the Site Manager at Fortín de Piedra, "recognition and motivation are critical drivers in the lives of our work teams and for all of us making up Techint E&C." He adds that, "The projects we develop are highly demanding in all kinds of ways, and when we make an effort every day to achieve our objectives, it’s very encouraging to be recognized. That’s why this sort of activity is so important."

The company plans to hold this type of recognition event on a monthly basis, and include Operation and Maintenance Services in the Neuquén Basin, as it’s convinced that continuous improvement can only be achieved thanks to motivated workers.


> Specialty completed with no deviations or incidents.

> Crew with no deviations or incidents.

> Crew with the best job risk analysis.

> Best preventive task observation.

> Best road safety observation.

> Most outstanding driver.

> Crew with the best quality surveillance.

> Crew with the best quality record management.

> Best bus leader.

> Best individual improvement proposal.

> Special environmental performance mention.

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