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Brazil: Key safety milestone in safety for the MOA-Usiminas project.

Published 16.2.2023

The Techint Engineering & Construction team at the Usiminas project, in Ipatinga, have notched up one million hours without any lost day accidents.

In December 2022, Techint E&C achieved a major milestone, underscoring the company's deep-seated commitment to the safety of each person working at its sites.

The Managed Labor supply contract (MOA) for electromechanical assembly at the Usiminas plant in Ipatinga, Brazil, has notched up a total of one million accident-free labor hours. A labor hour is a benchmark used to refer to the amount of work achieved by an average employee during one hour.

In practice, this means that, since the start of the project, there have been no lost-time accidents, despite the vast range of complexities and challenges involved. This is a highly positive result for the company safety system and shows just how committed the entire project team is to safety while working to avoid any delays in delivery times for the customer.

There have been a number of different safety activities carried out which made this achievement possible: from prior activity planning and constant training courses, to outstanding leadership performance and the project-wide application of a number of preventive Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management tools.

To celebrate the achievement, a record attained at the end of the first full cycle of the project, Techint E&C hosted an event on January 20, attended by Alexandre Perboyre, Usiminas Contracts Manager; Guilherme Pires, the CEO of Techint E&C in Brazil, and Rodrigo Almeida, Project Manager.

“This is a major milestone for the project, and for all of Techint Brazil, as it demonstrates the breadth of our commitment to safety,” announced Guilherme Pires. Rodrigo Almeida added that, "this reaffirms our objective to promote a preventive workplace environment aimed at encouraging people to perform their tasks safely."

About the project

In 2021, Techint E&C and Usiminas resumed work together, five years after the construction of the José Bonifácio de Andrade e Silva Power Plant in Cubatão, São Paulo.

The current Usiminas project is being developed up-country in the inland state of Minas Gerais in southeastern Brazil, specifically in the city of Ipatinga. Here, Techint E&C is responsible for fulfilling a Managed Labor supply contract for electromechanical assembly activities, in various different specialties.

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