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A day at Fondazione Dalmine: a journey through heritage and innovation

Published 10.7.2024

The Milan Engineering Center team took part in an inspiring visit to the new center. It was a unique opportunity to learn about the company's history and industrial culture and to foster team spirit among colleagues.


Just one month after its inauguration, the Milan Engineering team visited the new headquarters of Fondazione Dalmine. Carmen Langella, HR Manager, underscored the importance of this experience: “This site is far more than a mere historical archive. It represents a tangible commitment to enriching the community through culture, knowledge, and education.”

Fondazione Dalmine is the historic conservation and research arm of the Techint Group. The Foundation's headquarters, housed in a restored 1920s guesthouse, is a sustainable and highly innovative building that accommodates the historical archive, new industrial robotics laboratories, and an immersive space.

During the visit, Carolina Lussana, Historical Archive Director, outlined the Foundation's mission and highlighted its role in promoting a shared identity and values across the Techint Group.

In addition to organizing exhibitions and cultural activities, the Foundation houses thousands of documents that narrate the events of the last century.

For the group from the Milan Engineering Center, the visit was an important team-building activity. They were captivated by the room with the immersive experience where technology and history converge to offer a striking insight into the steelmaking process.

“We felt bound by our strong sense of belonging to a group whose DNA is rooted in a passion for doing things well,” emphasized Carolina.


Back to the beginnings

Andrea Cignoli, Director of the Milan Engineering Center, pointed out that the path taken by Agostino Rocca in the last century “began precisely with engineering”, and this was “the spark that gave birth to everything.”

Carolina observed: “In particular, engineering services, even before EPC and steel, were the initial impulse giving life to one of the largest industrial groups in the world. The Milan team has the noble task of gathering together our heritage in one place, as well as the responsibility of continuing the tradition of doing things well and creating value.”

Manuel Tonolini, Fondazione Dalmine Director concluded: “We were delighted to open our new headquarters to our colleagues from Techint Engineering & Construction. Our main goal is to promote industrial culture, and our audience consists not only of students and people living in and around the TenarisDalmine industrial area, but also of our Techint Group colleagues from around the world.”

Multiple services

The Engineering Center in Italy offers high added-value services in areas where it has consolidated extensive experience, such as oil & gas, refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG, the energy transition and clean tech as well as power, industrial plants, healthcare and infrastructure.

The company currently has eight engineering centers around the world that deliver 1.9 million service hours per year.

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