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An engineer with high aspirations

Published 18.6.2024

Massaro Esnel is one of the recent additions to Techint Engineering & Construction, where he has been working as a trainee for the past few months. At 23, he also has another vocation: piloting airplanes. Discover how he manages to pursue both careers simultaneously, guided by a strong sense of responsibility.


Massaro Esnel, who is close to completing his engineering degree, highlights that he grows more passionate about his work at Techint Engineering & Construction every day. He joined the company in January of this year for a summer internship and is currently working as a trainee in the Mining and Metallurgy Department. Concurrently, he is developing his career as an airplane pilot, a passion that began in his childhood.

His parents often recount that he always loved flying, ever since he was a baby and they frequently traveled to visit family in Mendoza. Everything changed when Massaro was 10 years old, and he discovered flight simulators on his computer. This allowed him to start learning, gain experience, and connect with a virtual community that shared his interests.

“At 15, I had my first introductory flight and was completely happy. At 15 years and 9 months, I passed the glider test, which is the first step, and only a year later was I able to take the exam to pilot a plane. To do this, I had to become a member of the Albatros Gliding Club in San Andrés de Giles. Back then, I eagerly chased after the lady who managed the waiting list for the tests,” he recalls.


Dual careers

In February 2019, he obtained his pilot's license, and a month later, he started college. “I wanted to pursue both careers in parallel and see what opportunities would arise. My goal was to complete my Engineering degree as quickly as possible because I always felt that being younger was an advantage. The first year of college was intense, and I couldn't find time for flying,” he says.

But eventually, he managed to organize his schedule better. “Gradually, I started gaining more experience. By the end of 2021, I was able to make significant progress in my piloting career. I believe one of my greatest achievements has been developing the necessary skills to advance both careers simultaneously, which required a lot of planning and organization. I need to fly every 30 days, so everything must be carefully scheduled: dates, shifts, and availability,” he explains.


Constant feedback

As a pilot, Massaro developed many skills and values that are very effective in his professional work. “If you make a mistake in the air, you put many people's lives at risk. Your actions can determine life or death; you cannot make errors. It's a practice that strengthens your character, makes you think quickly, stay very attentive, and be careful, always with responsibility as your guide. This permeates everything I do, and I apply the same principles in my job, where I strive to make thoughtful and efficient decisions,” he says.


Productive time

At 23, Massaro reflects on the use of new technologies and social media. He advises young people to avoid wasting too much time on their devices and to take advantage of free time to discover their interests.

“I believe it's important to use time productively. I always recommend being open to trying new things to discover your passions and interests. To find what you love, you must experiment, and Techint is a company that helps create these opportunities,” he asserts.

Massaro has successfully combined his two passions. In the future, will he lean more towards one or continue with both? Only time and his desires will tell…

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