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Techint Engineering & Construction is recognized by Ternium Brazil for its safety milestone

Published 15.2.2024

The Engineering Department at the steelworks celebrated going 540 days without any accidents at the plant with the participation of contracted companies.


Techint E&C has been carrying out electromechanical assembly services since 2023  at Ternium Brazil. On January 19, the company was awarded the Outstanding Safety Gold Medallion for its accident-free 540-day milestone. The ceremony was attended by some 80 people, including Ternium Brazil president Titus Schaar, as well as contractor representatives and other employees.

Techint E&C executives also attended the event and highlighted the importance of leadership in strengthening the company’s safety culture. “It’s a source of immense pride to receive this recognition, and it’s the result of everyone's commitment. We always emphasize that safety is not a priority, it’s a value. Priorities change, values don’t,” stated Luiz Clézio Fonseca, Project Manager of the Parnaíba V Project.

Marcela Gomes da Costa, QHSE Sr. Analyst of the LTA-Ternium project, noted that it’s very gratifying to be able to follow the prevention and safety routines at work on the construction site and to receive this recognition in consequence. “Achieving a milestone like this is not an easy task; for me, the key players in the process are the supervisors, as they have a vital role to play as team leaders at the projects,” she said.

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