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Techint Engineering & Construction is driving educational and professional development in Mexico

Published 22.4.2024

Thanks to the success of the company’s Social Management Program, over 50% of the participants of the welding workshops held at the Tecnológico de Tabasco were hired upon graduating.


“At Techint, we believe that education plays a vital role on the path of development and progress for any region. That’s why we’re not only a company that offers engineering and construction services for infrastructure, industrial and energy projects, but also one that designs and builds projects that seek to improve people’s quality of life. This is how we help to develop the communities where we work,” said Gino Matranga, Techint Engineering & Construction’s HR Director North America Región, who spoke during the close of the third welding workshop hosted by the Tecnológico de Tabasco.

The welding courses form part of the Techint's E&C’s commitment to sustainable development, which includes improving the local economic environment, as part of the company’s Social Management program. This initiative has made a positive difference to the families of the communities living in the municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco.

Adriana Valdez, who is responsible for the program, shared her vision of the organization’s achievements in this area. “Techint E&C has made its mark as a company that is committed to improving people's quality of life. This translates directly into concrete actions that foster the development of the communities where we operate,” she pointed out.

Throughout Techint E&C's work in Paraíso, Tabasco, three intensive workshops have been carried out under the Social Management program, coming to a total of 360 theory-practice hours, with a duration of 120 hours per course.

They have not only provided the 45 participants with the skills needed to ply a new trade, but also created tangible employment opportunities for the 11 women and 34 men, of which 25 are students and alumni at the Tecnológico de Tabasco.

The success of these courses is reflected in an impressive 97% completion rate, highlighting the grit and dedication of the participants. Even more striking is the fact that 26 graduates were hired afterwards, cementing the direct relationship between the education provided by the company and its employment offer.

These results underline Techint E&C's commitment to education and community development and represent a significant step towards building a more prosperous future for young people in local communities.

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