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Scholarships for young university students

Published 30.9.2021

An incentive to finish high school and continue on to college. That’s the purpose of the scholarships awarded each year by the Roberto Rocca Program to outstanding students from low-income backgrounds.

The Roberto Rocca Program has arrived in the Andean Area thanks to Techint Engineering & Construction. Earlier this year, students from the University of Chile who were achieving excellent grades yet were from low-income backgrounds filed their applications for a scholarship.

The grant provides economic support of USD 300 per month, to cover the costs of upkeep, such as transportation, food, accommodation, or study materials for eleven scholarship students from the University of Chile.

"Let's think for a minute how difficult it must be for a low-income family when their child wants to be an athlete, a doctor, or an engineer," began Genaro Gonzales Chilca, who is studying Mechanical Civil Engineering for a B.A. in Physics at the University of Chile. The proud recipient of a scholarship from the Roberto Rocca Program spoke about his experience during the award ceremony held in the online form on August 27.

Genaro was lucky enough to go from a municipal school to a subsidized private establishment, where he was able to observe the different paths chosen by his classmates: in the first, over half did not continue with their studies, whereas at the second, most pupils opted to go on to a university degree.

“Seeing my former colleagues walking away from a path they dreamed of when they were little really makes me appreciate these kinds of benefits far more, and makes me realize how lucky we are. We are extremely grateful that you have put your trust in us. We will step up to the plate: you can be sure that tomorrow we will be working hard for the communities where we live,” declared the young man.

The company is working through the Group’s Community Relations programs in collaboration with local authorities, institutions, and non-governmental organizations to carry out initiatives aimed at improving areas such as education and healthcare as well as fostering cultural and social inclusion activities. 

“We want to help young people gain access to university education. This is the most gratifying thing that I’ve done as a Manager in Chile. In some way, you are part of and linked to, the efforts we make as a company,” said Jorge Donoso, General Manager of Techint E&C in Chile.

For more information about the Roberto Rocca Program and the scholarships offered, click here.


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