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Techint E&C - CPP, for the benefit of children’s health in Ecuador

Published 15.7.2022

The company has just held a series of special health days hosted by its medical brigades, aimed at schoolchildren aged from 6 to 12 from the provinces of Orellana and Sucumbíos to enable them to access ophthalmological and dental check-ups and improve their quality of life.

Under the slogan "Your well-being is our priority", Techint E&C - CPP organized a series of health days at local schools, fronted by its medical brigades, to provide healthcare for schoolchildren from the communities of Orellana and Sucumbíos. Some 510 boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 had optometry examinations and dental check-ups.

The objective was to enhance the quality of the health of school-aged children in the Educational Units in five rural parishes located within Block 61, as well as in the Educational Unit in the SSFD Canton, in Block 57.

The health days were coordinated with the Shushufindi and Orellana District Education Directorates. In the case of Block 61, they received the support of the Orellana District Health Directorate to ensure the initiative had an even broader scope, as this organization reports to the Ministry of Health for dentistry services.

Each brigade offered optometry services, mainly sight exams to diagnose any vision problems, and dentistry services, which included clinical examinations, prophylaxis, and the ultrasound removal of tartar and more complex build-ups.

The optometry services at Auca examined 169 children, and determined that 81 required different graduations for their glasses, while in Shushufindi 52 children were treated, and 21 given glasses. Of all the patients treated at both projects, 12 cases were diagnosed as requiring more specialized examinations or surgery.

In the area of dentistry, at Auca, 241 children from all six educational units were treated; while in Shushufindi, some 48 patients from the Rio de Janeiro Educational Unit received treatment. In addition, in all cases, the children were given an oral hygiene kit.

During the seven-day health program, the brigades also made room for entertainers who shared various fun proposals to make the sessions more enjoyable for all the children.

As Patricia Carrera, Head of Social Management at CPP, explained, "there is an urgent and widespread need for medical attention in the areas where we operate, and our social commitment is to contribute to the quality of life of the children from our neighboring communities. Because of their remote geographical situation and economic conditions, they’ve not previously had access to specialized dentistry and optometry care. These School Medical Brigades achieved an even greater impact than expected, which translates into beaming smiles and bright eyes with the right glasses.”

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