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Aligned with universities and new talent

Published 22.8.2023

Techint Engineering & Construction’s participation in university events during the first semester of 2023 achieved excellent high activity levels.


During the first semester of 2023, the North American Area of Techint E&C continued to pursue its University Link Program to connect young talent with the world of work and promote job opportunities.

One of the objectives of this program is to ramp up the company's presence in northern Mexico as it seeks to hire the best talent for its projects and offices in the region. Accordingly, it has been building a close partnership with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), also known as the Tec de Monterrey, by taking part in its events, and strengthening its commitment to collaborate with the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL), as many of the company’s current employees graduated from these institutions.

Some of the initiatives that have been developed in the North American Area include.

With the ITESM

 Support for the Tec de Monterrey at different recruitment fairs and two presentations.

  • - March 8: the "Tec Women (“Mujeres Tec") conference featured Selene Muñoz, Head of the Department of Architecture of Techint E&C, as a keynote speaker.
  • - March 9: Juan Hernandez Pale, Head of Techint E&C’s Piping Design Department, gave a speech entitled “We are partners” ("Somos Aliados").
  • - March 29-31: participation in the EMPLEATEC - ITESM Fair, Mexico City Campus.
  • - May 24-26: participation in the ITESM Employment Fair, Santa Fe and South Campus.
  • - May 29-30: participation in the ITESM Employment Fair, Monterrey Campus, attended by over 1,000 students and graduates.



  • - April 26-27: participation in the Employment Fair held by the Faculty of Accounting and Administration.
  • - May 3: participation in Engineering Week, hosted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México (UNAM)

  • - April 20: participation in the Employment Fair held by the Faculty of Higher Studies in Acatlán.
  • - June 12-13: participation in the Employment Fair hosted by the UNAM Faculty of Engineering, at its Ciudad Universitaria campus. The event showcased a series of presentations by industry experts, including Arely Acevedo, Techint E&C Senior Project Planning and Control Analyst, as well as Juan Hernández Pale.

Excellence and talent

“Techint's involvement in this type of academic activity is extremely valuable for us. We must keep our focus on excellence and the constant search for talent, building solid relationships with the best universities in the country. I firmly believe that our close links with top-tier educational institutions will enable us to attract the most talented students, who will undoubtedly go on to lead the way in their respective areas of specialization,” said Juan Hernandez Pale.

And he added: “It’s always an honor to be able to contribute to these talks and share my experience as part of the YP program, as this encourages more young people to test their abilities and join a company with strong values and a wholehearted commitment to training new graduates.”

Centered on Tabasco

Since work began to build the Dos Bocas Refinery, the company has been collaborating closely with the National Secretary of Employment of the state of Tabasco, taking part in recruitment events, fairs, and talks as well as giving presentations. To commemorate Women's History Month, on March 30, the nationwide Women's Employment Fair was held, an event that had garnered considerable recognition the previous year for being the leading source of job creation and contributing to economic growth—in fact, Techint E&C was one of the top employers that year. So far, in 2023, the company has an ample offer of vacancies, ensuring equal opportunities for both women and men at the same level.

For Adriana Xochicale, a Young Professional and Operations Analyst in the Northern Area, building this strategic mega-project is a window of opportunity which will stimulate growth for women not only in the state of Tabasco, but throughout the country, and even from different parts of the world. "We’re showing that we have the same capabilities as our male peers and that our skills enable us to make a significant contribution to projects of this size," she pointed out, urging women to continue making a difference in this sector.

The company also took part in other events at the UNITEC, UVM, EBC and UTEL universities, between March and June 2023. At the UTEL, the Online Technological University, for example, Training Analyst Karen Vega gave a workshop about the "Keys to enhancing development in the world of work" as part of the Professional Gymnasium Series. The webinar was streamed to viewers in five countries and attended by over 100 people in person.

“All these university-linking activities are voluntary collaborations which seek to position Techint E&C as an employer brand at Careers Fairs, which are obviously an excellent recruitment source. We put our trust in the excellent academic preparation of our graduate employees, as together with them, we can build bridges joining potential applicants and Techint,” expressed Eduardo Ali Pizarro, the Talent Attraction Coordinator of the North American Area.

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