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Dos Bocas Refinery: the Health Guardians of Techint Engineering & Construction

Published 5.5.2023

Techint Engineering & Construction’s Medical Services at its Dos Bocas Refinery Project, in Paraíso, Mexico, is an area always alert to how best to safeguard workers, actively involved in drawing up an overall health diagnosis for the company, with a focus on preventing incidents, accidents and occupational illnesses.

At Techint E&C, in the Dos Bocas project, in Paraíso, Tabasco, there are people who spend their entire time evaluating the health of the workers, dedicating their time, energy and effort to saving their lives if required. They are the "Health Guardians" of our Medical Services.

As a rule, people working in the construction field are exposed to risks accidents, illnesses and ailments of various kinds, although medical intervention works hard to safeguard people’s overall well-being.

Dr. Karolina Madrigal, Head of the Medical Service at the Dos Bocas Cogeneration project, explains: “My job is to manage and maintain all the necessary materials and equipment to ensure each of our workers receives quality care, so that they can give of their best, and achieve the best results. Our workers come first!"

Doctors, nurses and paramedics consistently use their knowledge to ensure they are prepared for any eventuality. They also see dozens of people on a daily basis for routine medical consultations and check-ups. In addition, they organize and carry out drills, workshops and training for both the medical team and personnel involved in Occupational Health and Safety so that they can be prepared to act in the event of any incident or accident.

Karen Gonzalez Rodriguez, a nurse at the Cogeneration project, explains that, "being part of a multidisciplinary team is not only about prevention, because, as a nurse I also focus on ensuring there is a prompt human response, to safeguard workers’ physical and mental well-being."

The Medical Service is currently involved in drafting a complete company health diagnostic, focused on the prevention of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases.

“A nurse by profession and a paramedic by vocation,” says Alejandra Perez Marin, by way of introduction. She explains that, "this area of occupational nursing is a field that has been relatively little explored by the profession; however, I can say that it is an area that needs to be examined, studied and given greater value.” She works in the Medical Service at the Dos Bocas Refinery project and handles administrative procedures for the SWS and RAU facilities, and points out the importance of the medical team’s role in the project: “We focus on ensuring that disease and injury prevention begins in the mind of the worker who is generally the breadwinner of their family. Knowing that our workers return home safe and sound, gifted with the additional knowledge they acquired during training; knowing that we were able to prevent them from being injured thanks to the care provided during daily follow-up, is one of the best experiences one can have. And yes, one’s love for humanity is needed to do this noble task.”

The importance of training all employees about risks and safety at work is of vital importance, since at the end of the day, it is through occupational health and safety training that people’s quality of life and workplace climate in an organization benefit.

Finally, Alexis Hernández de la Cruz, paramedic and ambulance operator at Cogeneration, concludes: "Our Techint E&C Health Guardians are men and women who, as members of the emergency care service, are the first to arrive on the scene, with minds and hearts open to care for and listen to others."

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