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Ecuador: powering the future through education

Published 3.8.2023

Construcciones y Prestaciones Petroleras S.A. (CPP) has awarded scholarships to 80 high-school students from the communities neighboring the company’s operations in the Auca field (Orellana province), and the Shushufindi field (Sucumbíos province).


CPP has awarded scholarships to 80 students in their 1st and 2nd year of high school at different establishments in the communities neighboring the Auca and Shushufindi fields in Ecuador, where the company's projects are located. The Roberto Rocca Scholarship program dates back several decades and is the Techint Group’s longest-serving community relations program, accruing extensive experience thanks to its global presence. The awards reward academic excellence and commitment to study, providing financial support to students who have obtained outstanding results thanks to their efforts. The program contributes to promoting equal opportunities and driving progress in these communities.

At · Campo Auca

This is the second year that these awards have been made to young students in Ecuador. "Thanks to these scholarships, we can contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our communities," said Julio César Suárez, General Manager of CPP. He issued a call to the beneficiaries, saying "I ask all you scholars to continue your learning path in the spirit of self-improvement, and not to lose sight of your goals. Above all, remember that success comes from the effort that we recognize in you today."

Maria Alexandra Jaramillo, a 3rd-year high-school student from the "11 de Julio" Educational Unit, affirmed that, "today, we were awarded this recognition for our academic performance, and it’s a great incentive to continue pursuing our dreams." She added that, “I urge my colleagues to continue working toward being positive agents of change, to never give up on their goals, because with work, effort, dedication and passion you can achieve anything. We were chosen from hundreds of applicants, and we set an example for our colleagues who are also keen to receive this recognition."

At · Campo Auca

"Promoting an education of excellence as part of our work to support the communities where we operate is intrinsic to our DNA. The Roberto Rocca Scholarships form part of a series of programs driven by the Techint Group to contribute to quality education," said Tanya Burstein, Head of Community Relations at Techint Engineering & Construction in the Andean Area.

At the closing events held to celebrate the award of the scholarships in each province, Patricia Carrera, Head of Social Management at CPP, shared a message with students, their family members, and other guests. "Dear students, today we recognize your commitment and dedication to study, and the fruits of your labors include winning this scholarship. We want to encourage you to continue on your road to success and become great professionals, the people who will change and mobilize this world, one that needs them so much. Please keep up the commitment and dedication that you have shown so far!”

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UN goal

In line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4, the Roberto Rocca Scholarship program seeks to guarantee quality, inclusive and equitable education.

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