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Techint E&C receives recognition from a school in Pontal do Paraná

Published 25.10.2023

As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, the Benvinda Municipal School, of Miranda Lopes Corrêa, in Pontal do Paraná, singled out the company for praise in recognition of the renovations made in 2018, thanks to the Volunteers in Action program.


On September 1, Techint E&C joined the educational community and local authorities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Benvinda Municipal School in Pontal do Paraná, Brazil. This institution was refurbished in 2018 with the help of some 150 volunteers, including Techint employees and community neighbors. The initiative was part of the Volunteers in Action program and also received support from the City Council of Pontal, where the P-76 project was developed.

The celebrations were hosted in the schoolyard, one of the spaces which Techint refurbished, and which the director Cynthia Mendes described as “the most beautiful place in the school.” Another feature of the event was the award of prizes to three children who won a cultural contest about the school’s history. Also during the celebrations, a time capsule was buried in the school’s garden to be opened in the future, preserving memories and messages for the next generations. The "Time Tunnel" exhibition was unveiled, telling the school’s history through photographs and videos, including a record of projects carried out by Techint E&C volunteers.

Luciana Fabri, Contract Administration Manager, was invited to the stage to receive the distinction on behalf of Techint E&C and gave a short speech, congratulating the school for their achievements and thanking the community for the recognition given to the company. “It’s been a huge satisfaction to find a different municipal school, which had our support,” she said.

Guilherme Pires, the General Director of Techint Brazil, highlighted that, “Five years after our involvement in the work to renovate the Benvinda Municipal School, we are delighted to see that the Techint brand is still very much alive in the community where we work.”

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