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Techint Engineering & Construction: One of the most inclusive companies of 2023 in Brazil

Published 10.7.2023

The company has been recognized in the Infrastructure sector, placing 38th in the overall ranking of the Ethos/Época Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey.


Techint E&C in Brazil has been recognized as one of the country’s most inclusive companies in 2023, following a survey carried out by the Ethos Institute in partnership with Época magazine. This award underscores the organization's ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace environment.

The Ethos/Época Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey is a comprehensive assessment of current practices at Brazilian companies in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion. Conducted in partnership with well-known organizations, the survey analyzed the actions taken by 199 Brazilian companies, from large to small.

Techint E&C Brazil was singled out for the exemplary initiatives it has taken to promote diversity and inclusion, as recognized by its coveted ranking in the survey. The actions that attracted this recognition include extending paternity leave to 30 days, thus encouraging male co-responsibility and strengthening gender parity, and the Home Office program for new mothers, providing employees with flexibility and support. The company also extended the remote work option for new parents working at its offices in Sao Paulo, enabling them to work from home more times a week.

As part of its commitment to future generations, the company is running an Apprenticeship Program at its headquarters in São Paulo as well as at its construction sites around the country. Another highlight that set the company apart from its peers in the survey was the standard of its racial diversity indicators, as 72% of Techint employees declared themselves as Black (Black and Brown).

Additionally, the company has expanded its supplier management policy to include a focus on human rights and diversity, introducing a register with a specific field covering human rights and establishing a code of conduct for suppliers, reinforcing the organization's commitment to the value chain.

In the area of gender equality, Techint E&C Brazil set up its Techint Global Gender Committee, headed up by a Brazilian professional to ensure gender equality is pursued at all levels of the organization.

The company also carried out a study on inclusive communication, with a focus on reputational risks.

"All these actions reinforce the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive, diverse and egalitarian work environment, where everybody can enjoy the same opportunities for professional development, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender or other aspects," explains Michele Araújo, Human Resources Coordinator.

Thiago de Oliveira, the Commercial Manager of Techint E&C in Brazil, shared his satisfaction with the award. "We are delighted to receive such an accolade, in recognition of our commitment to building a diverse work environment that values equal opportunities and co-responsibility. We will continue to invest our efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our operations and in the communities where we live and work."

The Engineering and Construction segment where Techint operates is one where, traditionally, most of the functions and tasks are performed by men, creating the risk of a work environment permeated by sexist attitudes.

“We continue to face challenges and we still need to evolve, but I am satisfied that we are on the right track and making great progress to improve the day-to-day workplace environment onsite and in the office,” concludes Thiago.

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