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“Volunteers in Action”: leaving their mark on the Paraíso community

Published 24.4.2023

Through this program, Techint Engineering & Construction employees, family members, and neighbors revamped community recreational spaces neighboring the Dos Bocas Refinery project.


As a sign of Techint E&C's commitment to the development of the communities near its projects, 28 volunteers, including company workers, family members and local residents, transformed the recreational areas of the Libertad district, located in the municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco.

Armed with rakes, shovels, brushes and cans of paint, the volunteers spent the day cleaning up the park and repainting benches and posts as well as tidying the playground and games pitch to offer families from the local community somewhere safe and pleasant to enjoy free time.  

The team set up four children's games in the park, and installed four benches which they painted. They reconditioned the basketball court, put in posts for the volleyball court net and two soccer goal posts and nets.

Adriana Valdez Cruz, who is Coordinator of Relations with the Community of Techint E&C in the North Area, commented that, "our objective for this activity was to revamp a recreational and sports area for the 3,500 inhabitants of the Libertad community in Paraíso, Tabasco."

She explained that this initiative arose because “there was a clear and tangible need to optimize these spaces for children and young people, and they were delighted with the results. Several mothers of local families expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for rescuing a space that had been neglected for far too long.” 

Environmental commitment

In line with another of Techint E&C's objectives, which is sustainability and care for the environment, the volunteers also cleaned up the recreational areas, collecting over 30 bags of garbage between them. They also pruned trees and shrubbery and planted another 15 more trees, both flowering and fruit-bearing. 

Adriana Valdez highlighted the commitment and dedication of volunteers who took part in the exercise, as in this edition of the "Volunteers in Action" program, “you could see how they spared no effort to ensure everything was as beautiful as possible, as well as enjoying the opportunity to spend time together in a space outside of work."


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