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Inspiring over 700 students in five countries

Published 24.4.2024

Techint Engineering & Construction professionals have been visiting different schools to deliver talks, sharing their experiences as part of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


To celebrate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Techint Engineering & Construction’s aim was to bring the company closer to schools by organizing talks for students in their last years of study. “Our goal was to create a space for dialogue which would inspire young people to continue their studies in areas related to science,” explained Daysi Salazar, Training, Development & Diversity Manager, in charge of developing the initiative at global level.

The talks reached over 700 students in five countries, exploring the range of opportunities and challenges that come with pursuing a career in this field, and underscoring the pivotal role played by education in equipping young people with the right skills. The schools that hosted the talks are among those whose students have been awarded Roberto Rocca Scholarships, one of the Techint Group’s educational programs designed to accompany young people distinguished as much for their talent as for their efforts on their educational path.

Events such as these provide valuable input for learning, and for students just setting foot in their professional careers, the content offers key insights into the labor market and the opportunities available in various different areas and segments. The talks also gave tips and references to help the young people make the right professional choices.


In Argentina

The school chosen for the event was the María Guadalupe School in Gral. Pacheco, Buenos Aires, where 35 students attended the talks given by María Romina de San Pablo (accountant, Project Administration Manager), María Laura Fonzalida (engineer, Process Design Sr. Principal), María Alejandra Rabuffetti (architect, Project Engineering Sr. Manager) and Lilen Videla (engineer, Energy Transition Principal).

The María Guadalupe School receives active support from Techint E&C to promote this type of initiatives, and some of its students have won the coveted Roberto Rocca Scholarships.


The visit to the Irmã Agostina State Technical School in São Paulo was welcomed by 85 students who gathered to hear talks by Raíssa Louro (engineer, Commercial Expert), and Thayane Moura (trainee, Human Resources Apprentice).

It’s important to note that this school is one of those taking part in the Young Apprentices Program.

“This was a really interesting opportunity to exchange experiences and we received a very lively response from the students. I think that these kinds of events are very enriching for the company as it’s an opportunity for young people to engage in direct contact with the labor market and learn about experiences that can encourage them to follow their dreams,” Raíssa Louro.

Geovanna Lima de Oliveira (17 years old), final year Chemistry student, stated: “What I found most striking were the life experiences of the speakers, such as the places they’d visited through their work for Techint E&C, and what it’s like to work at an engineering company. Events like this are very important for us, as we’re about to leave school and enter the job market and there’s no doubt that they make a big difference. The talk has sharpened my desire to pursue my goals. Plus, I won the Techint book so I was even happier!”

Jésus Lopes, teacher and manager of the Internships and Young Apprentices program, added: “I’m very grateful for such an interesting talk. It was extremely important to give our final-year students an idea of what the labor market is like. Their response was very positive, there was lots of interaction and some excellent comments. Our educational institution is available for future talks and events.”

In the Andean Region

Three-hundred third and fourth-year students from the Colegio San Agustín in the commune of Antofagasta, Chile, attended a series of presentations given by Techint E&C. This was an opportunity to learn about STEM studies and discuss the importance of female participation in the Engineering and Construction industry. The company also presented the different initiatives it is running to support women who are interested in pursuing STEM careers.

Natalia Palma Piñeira, Civil Design Principal at the SADDN project, who was one of the speakers, said that, “I feel extremely proud to be representing Techint E&C on this occasion and raising the profile of the contribution made by women to engineering and construction. Events like this encourage women and girls to pursue scientific studies and strengthen their vocation for science and innovation.”

The former student and scholarship recipient, Cristina Arena Roco, who is currently studying civil engineering at the University of Antofagasta (UA), also participated in the talk. She shared her personal experience of pursuing her vocation and the efforts she made to achieve the standards of academic excellence that got her into the Roberto Rocca Scholarship Program.

In the case of Ecuador, a talk was held at the Shushufindi Technical Education Unit, where Verónica Calderón, Industrial Field Engineer, shared her experience with 189 students, inspiring them to choose technical careers.

In Mexico

A number of different talks were held in the communities where the company is present. One such presentation was given on March 7 at the Actlán Higher Studies School, under the aegis of the University of Mexico (UNAM) in Naucalpan de Juárez (Toluca municipality) by Ivonne Vazquez Figueroa, Legal Manager, who addressed 56 students.

On March 12, Arely Acevedo Domínguez, Project Controls Leader, gave a talk at the National Polytechnic Institute of the City of Mexico, while Nayelli Moreno, Environmentalist Sr., toured a number of primary schools, telling children about her experiences at university. She also explained her current job as an environmental expert at the project being developed by Techint E&C at the Dos Boca Refinery. Nayelli visited schools in Paraíso, Tabasco, such as the Benito Juárez primary school, where she addressed 22 pupils; the Manuel L. Gómez school, where she was welcomed by 35 children; and the Cenobio Santos Magaña school, where her audience numbered 42.

The participants all showed great interest, asking questions about the educational background of the speakers, why they chose their profession, and how they managed to balance their studies and work. They also heard about the importance of education for Techint E&C, and the company’s contribution to developing young people’s potential. More than just a series of presentations, these meetings also provide much-needed orientation and networking opportunities to inspire students about their future.

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