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Volunteers in Action: an initiative that left its mark in 2023

Published 7.2.2024

Techint E&C's Program is going from strength to strength in Mexico, as shown by the wide variety of works carried out with our employees last year.


Techint Engineering & Construction employees in Mexico have been refurbishing primary schools, reconditioning parks and helping to organize health days, as part of the company’s Volunteers in Action Program during 2023. The initiative, which in turn forms part of the Techint Group’s corporate Community Relations program, is designed to strengthen the relationship between the company, its employees and local communities.

Below are details about some of the principal actions undertaken:

Dos Bocas Refinery

Over 150 people, including workers, family members and community residents, carried out volunteer actions in the communities neighboring the Dos Bocas Refinery project, in the municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco.

In total, two public parks were reconditioned, improving green spaces for the over 4,000 inhabitants of the surrounding communities, while three primary schools were refurbished, supporting some 500 students.

One of these was the Cenobio Santos Magaña primary school in Miguel de la Madrid (El Bellote) where 40 workers and their families joined school parents, pupils and teachers to give classrooms and bathrooms a makeover, cleaning green areas and planting some 25 trees to improve the educational environment for 126 schoolchildren.

In another activity, in close cooperation with the Paraíso Municipal healthcare system, the company sponsored 17 health days, providing children with medical care, prescriptions and medication, as well as dental and physiotherapy consultations. The health days were also an opportunity to offer local community members free legal advice and haircuts.

Actions in the State of Mexico

In Villa Allende, in the State of Mexico, 60 volunteers built a classroom at the Community Distance Learning Center No. 274 in Los Berros. This initiative benefited 67 young people who attend online classes in the afternoon shift.

“We worked together with the civil association Construyendo Comunidades Integrales who taught us how to build this kind of classroom,” explained Adriana Valdez, Community Relations Leader from the Northern Area.

Alejandro Maluf, President of the Northern Area, was very enthusiastic about the involvement of the company's employees in this type of projects. “At Techint Engineering & Construction, we firmly believe in social commitment and community development. This classroom restoration project reflects our desire to make a difference in the lives of students and strengthen their access to quality education,” he said.

These are just some of the activities that Techint E&C is undertaking within the framework of the Volunteers in Action Program as a way of contributing to local community development. The interaction achieved is participatory and supportive, and promotes mutual respect and understanding.

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